Outraged Mum slams Kmart after glass scales ‘exploded’ next to her 5-year-old son

How scary!
Caters News Agency

An outraged mum has slammed Kmart after claiming her glass bathroom scales suddenly EXPLODED just two inches away from her son.

Mum-of-one Kelly Maggs claims she was left traumatised after the glass bathroom scales she purchased from  Kmart ‘suddenly exploded’ right next to her son Liam, five – which she said sent sharp shards of glass flying in all directions.

The stay-at-home mum said she had called her son Liam into the bathroom for a shower earlier this week when the youngster allegedly ‘walked past’ the scales.

Kelly claims the scales then ‘randomly exploded’ all over her bathroom floor – with shards even littering the nearby hallway. 

Thankfully, Kelly and her son were not harmed in the ‘explosion’ – but the distressed mum is now urging Kmart to undertake a massive recall of the popular bathroom scales so that ‘nobody gets seriously injured’ in the future.

‘It was incredibly loud. It sounded like a someone throwing a glass onto the ground with force,’ Kelly said.

Caters News Agency
(Credit: Caters News Agency)

‘It scared us both so much. I didn’t know what was happening.

‘My son was only standing about two inches away from them when they exploded. I was just so thankful he wasn’t hurt, he was really lucky.’

The 25-year-old mum bought the scales in 2014 and says they have served her well for the last five years.

‘At Kmart we’re committed to ensuring the products we sell are fully compliant with regulations and safety standards, which is why all of our scales have been independently tested by third party laboratories,’ a Kmart spokesperson said.

‘Our Slimline Glass Digital Bathroom Scales are manufactured from tempered safety glass which means the glass, if chipped or compromised in any way, will break into small fragments to reduce the risk of serious injury – in some cases this gives the customer the perception of the glass exploding.’

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