Why this young mum is fighting to be STERILISED

'I may be 22 but I'm not stupid'
Holly Maitland has gone public with her fight to be sterilised Photo: Facebook

A young Cairns mum has gone public with her fight to have her tubes tied at age 22. 

Holly Maitland, who is currently pregnant with her third baby in three years, requested tubal ligation surgery which would stop her from having more children.

But doctors said she was too young and now she has started a petition to fight for the procedure – urging the Australian government to allow women to make their own decisions.

‘I’m a young mum of two children. My two children are two and one and all pregnancies are results of failed contraception,’ Ms Maitland told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I decided to start this petition because I feel it’s wrong and absolutely disgusting that our choices are being made by others. 

‘It’s so important to get this message out and about for the simple fact that we don’t have a right to our bodies. 

‘I think they’re discriminating because of my age. I may be 22 but I’m not stupid,’ she went on.

In her petition, Ms Maitland says ‘as women, we should have every right to make decisions regarding our health and reproductive rights, shouldn’t we?’

She continues, ‘Everyday women are being denied the choices they make for themselves. It’s unfair to those that want that right but are not allowed.’

Holly Maitland has gone public with her fight to be sterilised Photo: Facebook

More than 900 people have supported Ms Maitland’s petition so far.

Khrystyne Cordi wrote, ‘Any woman over 18 should be allowed to have ANY operation to benefit her health no matter her age or how many children she has. I’m signing as a childfree woman to support Hollys right to choose when she has had enough children.’

Stephanie Collet wrote, ‘If I’m old enough to have kids I’m old enough to DECIDE I DON’T WANT TO HAVE KIDS. Is it 1816 or 2016? My body my decision.’

Since the news broke, Ms Maitland has taken to Facebook to say her case has been handed to the Head Obstetrician at her hospital.

‘She is very saddened to hear that I was refused without any clarification of my history or the doctor reading the reports. One step closer!’ she wrote on Facebook.

What Holly Maitland wrote on her petition

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