Murder suspect back in court after being acquitted as new evidence surfaces

Double-jeopardy laws could mean closure for victim’s family.

A man acquitted of the murders of two children in Bowraville in the early 1990s has appeared in court again in regards to the case.

Police allege the unnamed suspect killed Evelyn Greenup, 4, and Clinton Speedy-Duroux, 16 in 1990 and 1991 in the small town in Nambucca Shire.

Colleen Walker, 16, was also killed around this time though her body has never been found. Her clothes was found weighed down by rocks in the nearby Nambucca River.

Despite being acquitted at the time, the NSW double jeopardy laws mean a person can be re-tried for the same crime if there is compelling evidence to do so.

Clinton’s dad, Thomas Duroux, is hopeful for closure for their family.

Speaking to reporters outside court he said: ‘You’ve just got to keep fighting and keep going – that’s all we can do.

‘I’m really glad it’s come to this. It has been a long battle and hopefully we will get there.’

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