Mum shocked to find DRUGS in toy egg

Crystal found meth in her six-year-old's bedroom

An Aussie mum is warning others to be vigilant after she found suspected crystal methamphetamine in her six-year-old son’s bedroom.

Crystal Hill was cleaning her son Jonah’s bedroom when she found a small plastic egg – like the ones found in a Kinder Surprise – filled with two zip-lock bags containing a chunky salt substance, thought to be the deadly drug crystal meth, also known as ice. 

The egg and small bags of a chunky ‘salt’ substance found in Jonah’s bedroom. Credit: Crystal Hill Facebook.

In shock, she asked her boy where he’d found the egg.

‘Jonah has an amazing memory and recalled finding it in the gutter at a local second hand store. Innocently he assumed it fell out of the car and he then just popped in his pocket,’ Crystal wrote in a warning to others on her Facebook page.

Thankfully Jonah thought the bags contained salt and hadn’t consumed any of their contents.

‘I’m so grateful he didn’t eat it or this would be a completely different story,’ Crystal told the Courier Mail.

The Hill family, Crystal with Jonah, hubby Daniel and daughter Kyah, 11. Credit: Crystal Hill Facebook.

Crystal reported the find to the police and also shared her shocking discovery on Facebook to warn other parents to teach their children not to eat crystals, or anything thing else, they find lying around.

‘I never thought I would ever have meth in the house. It’s good to get the awareness about this out there because I don’t want other parents to experience what I just did,’ she said to the Courier Mail.

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