Mum’s warning after 14-week-old girl tragically dies from common baby product

So sad.

A woman has set out to warn other parents after her friend’s baby allegedly suffocated when her headband slipped down and covered her mouth while she slept.

The post has since been deleted but Mamamia reports it had been shared over 80,000 times by Glasgow mum Leanne Wilson.

My friend has sadly just lost her 14-week-old daughter whilst she thought she was sleeping in her carry cot after a long walk,’ she wrote.

‘When she came to check on her she had the bow headband down over her wee nose and mouth and wasn’t moving…she had passed away.’

The mum had apparently taken the chance to have a shower while her baby napped after a walk but when she returned 30 minutes later her baby had suffocated.

Shocked mums have said they would never have thought that the headbands would be dangerous.

‘I’m a big bow mama and I admit I’ve never removed my girls’ headbands when they have slept,’ one wrote.

‘My deepest sympathy, to the poor mum, and I would like to say thank you to her for sharing, at this devastating time in her life,’ said another.

‘It may save another baby.’


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