Mum teaches hubby a lesson and has son ‘abducted’

This footage shows how easy it is to abduct children.

A New Jersey mother set up an encounter which saw her five-year-old son Josh ‘abducted’ under her husband’s watch.

Josh was playing in a kids playground just metres away from his father when serial prankster Joey Salads offered lollies to him.

“Want candy? Let’s go. Want some more candy? Yeah? Come with me, we’ll go and get more,” he bribed the child.

Josh didn’t even hesitate before snatching the candy and walked away with the ‘kidnapper’.

Moments pass before the father, who is distracted by his phone, realises his child is no longer there.

Josh’s mother, aware of the prank, stormed across the playground.

“What the f*** is wrong with you? You’re not paying attention, sitting there one your phone not paying attention,” she said to her husband.

“We’ve set you up because I knew you don’t pay attention when you have your son.”

Joey said he pulled the prank because he wanted to raise awareness of how easily children can be abducted.

“You know to keep an eye on him, because it was just like that,” Joey told the dad, clicking his fingers.

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