Mum dresses as dad for son’s school event

Parenting done right!
Facebook/Yevette Vasquez

Single mum, Yevette Vasquez was dropping her son Elijah off at school when she noticed the large number of cars out front.

Asking her son what was happening, he explained that it was Donuts with Dad day and the student were bringing their fathers to school.

Knowing her son finds it difficult to see other dads with their kids Yevette was determined that her boy not miss out. Rushing home she quickly changed before coming back to school in a flannel shirt, baseball cap, and moustache.

’[A]t least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face, so here it goes…’ she writes in her Facebook post about the day.

Her son’s beaming smile in the photos with ‘Dad’ are all you need to know this mum is an absolute champion!

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