Kid reported missing found under pillows

He was at home all along

A mum spent almost two hours frantically searching for her baby, only to find he was at home all along.

Police in Schodack, USA, were called out to a home on Tuesday after a woman called to say her two-year-old son had vanished.

The mother told police she turned her back for a minute and the child disappeared. She searched the house, but couldn’t find him, so she called police.

In a bid to locate the missing boy, officers began a thorough search of the home and surrounding areas.

Schodack police Chief Joseph Belardo told WNYT that it was after a team of sniffer dogs swept the area that authorities decided to check the house once more.

‘We must have checked the house a half-dozen times,’ Belardo said. ‘And then one of the officers happened to go up in the room, pull the covers back and the baby was asleep in bed.’

Police said in a news release that the child fell asleep between pillows in a way that made it appear as though the bed were neatly made.

The child was missing for about an hour and a half, according to WNYT.

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