‘I was fired over a Twix bar’

He spent $2 on a 90-cent candy bar.
Getty Images/CNN

We can all relate – you put your money into a vending machine, only to have your snack fail to drop down.

You thump the side, maybe give it a shake, but usually you end up walking away hungry and a couple of dollars poorer. Not Robert McKevitt, 27.

The forklift driver was taking a break when he put $2 into the company vending machine.

Selecting a Twix bar, he watched as the spiral arm became stuck.

Robert McKevitt (Credit: CNN)

After thumping and shaking it, Robert tried putting in another dollar, with no luck.

‘I shook the machine and the candy bar dropped,’ Robert said. ‘But then I was upset that I’d spent two dollars on a 90-cent candy bar.’

The details of what happened next depend on who’s telling the story.

A statement from his work claims that Robert was observed ‘lifting a candy machine about one to two feet off the ground with a forklift and then dropping the machine.’

twix bar
(Credit: Getty Images)

Robert claims he was simply trying to retrieve the second bar he paid for.

‘The machine stole money from me,’ he insists.

Robert was fired.

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