Male nurse jailed after raping three-year-old and filming the vile act

'Your actions were inexplicable and of the utmost depravity.’

A former male nurse has been sentenced to 19 years behind bars after being convicted of raping a 3-year-old girl in his care at a hospital and filming the act on his phone.

The girl’s mother made a heartbreaking statement to the court during the proceedings where she said the attack left her feeling like ‘the worst mother in the world.’

‘’I love my baby unconditionally, however, I now cannot bear to dress or undress her or bath her and ask her to do these things herself.

‘I am really worried that every time a mobile phone or camera is now pointed at her, it will stir memories within her.

‘I feel like I have failed my daughter.’

George Anderson, 27, was found guilty of a string of child sex offenses after sneaking into the patients room in the middle of the night and assaulting her. While he initially claimed at he had no memory of the attack and that he had been drunk and on drugs, photos and a video retrieved from his phone shows he had recorded parts of the horrific assault.

Mr Justice Dingemans described the actions of Anderson as ‘inexplicable and of the utmost depravity.’

He was sentenced to a total of 9 years, 4 months but could be released after half that time.

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