I’m a real-life exorcist!

Kerrie helps the haunted

Sydney woman Kerrie Erwin tells that’s life! how she helps spirits move on.

Sitting across from me, the young police officer, Ben, looked nervous. ‘I’m craving foods I’ve never liked,’ he told me. ‘I’m hearing voices in my head and keep finding scratches on my body.’

He said he felt constantly scared and depressed, too. ‘I feel like I’m possessed,’ he admitted.

A spiritual medium, I knew I could help.

‘I’ve treated many cases like yours,’ I assured Ben. ‘Sometimes when people die, they attach themselves to the aura of the last person they saw. I feel this is what happened to you.’

Over the years I’ve ‘exorcised’ many people, although I prefer the term ‘spirit rescue’. It’s performed when an entity has attached to a person’s aura, or energy field.

Regressing Ben into a hypnotic state, I soon made contact with a female spirit attached to him.

You do not belong in Ben’s body,’ I told her. ‘You have passed, and it’s now safe to cross over, where loved ones are waiting for you.’

‘I feel tingling all over my body,’ Ben gasped. He opened his eyes and started laughing.
‘I can’t believe how wonderful I feel!’ he said.

Ben told me that a few weeks before, he’d tried to save a woman from a fire, but she’d died in his arms. ‘That’s who was attached to you,’ I said. ‘She’s gone now.’

Ben was a new man after that. His sadness lifted and he stopped craving odd foods – presumably foods the woman had liked.

Psychic medium Kerrie Erwin
I help those with spirits attached to them (Credit: Supplied/

Another client, Tracey, 35, was convinced she had a curse on her.

‘I can’t feel love,’ she wept. ‘I feel empty, sad and lonely. Since I was small, I’ve felt a dark shadow over me. I’ve seen psychiatrists but they haven’t helped me.’

Scanning her aura, I saw it was cracked and had a large hole in it. Tracey had an entity living in her, like a vampire or parasite. It was the spirit of an old man – and he’d been there since her birth.

He’d probably died in the same hospital at the time she was born and, not wanting to pass over, had attached himself to her.

‘You no longer have permission to live in Tracey,’ I told him. ‘Go into the light.’ With a howling scream, he departed, straight through my body. Tracey instantly looked 10 years younger.

‘I’ve got so much energy!’ she exclaimed afterwards. ‘Why did it take me 35 years to find help?’

That was one question I couldn’t answer, but I was thrilled to have relieved her of her parasitic entity. It had literally drained the life out of her. 

What to do if a spirit attaches to you

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through
your mouth.

Then, imagine you’re in a white room. Look to the left and if you see a dark shadow there, command it to leave and go into the light.

Repeat the process looking to the right, the front, and the back.

Lastly, imagine white, blue, then finally gold light around you.

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