Joanne Lees’ horror in police video when she realises she’s a suspect

‘You think I’m involved, don’t you?’
Peter Falconio and Joanne Lees
Peter Falconio and partner Joanne Lees.

The girlfriend of murdered backpacker, Peter Falconio, has shared what it was like to realise she was a suspect in the same horrific attack she had escaped from.

In an interview with police that lasted almost four hours, Joanne Lees is asked if she was ‘involved’ in Falconio’s murder.

The clips were broadcast by 60 Minutes, showing a Lees who was clearly horrified at the suggestion that she might have been a part of the events that saw her boyfriend shot in the head.

‘I’m not involved and I didn’t murder Pete!’ she firmly insists in the clip.

She admitted to 60 Minutes that the police ‘tactic’ had made her start to doubt herself.

‘I think they were hoping I would confess to something I hadn’t done.

‘It was like a stab to the heart, how could they think that?’ 

Bradley Murdoch was convicted of Peter Falconio’s murder in 2006, after Ms Lees’ blood was found on his shirt, and her hair tie found on his pistol.  After shooting Falconio in the head, he then hunted Ms Lees in the outback scrub for 5 hours before she was able to escape.

He is currently serving a life sentence in Northern Australia.

Peter Falconio’s body has never been found.

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