Incredible video of hero jumping into flood waters to rescue trapped woman and dog

‘It's just who we are in Louisiana... We help people in times of need.’
YouTube / WAFB

Hailey Brouillette, 53, was driving a convertible she had borrowed from a friend when she became trapped in disastrous flood waters.

Fortunately there were several men in a boat who were able to come to her rescue, but when they couldn’t break into the car the situation turned grim.

We can’t see Hailey in the video, but her voice can be heard as she yells ’oh my God, I’m drowning!’

Refusing to give up, 27-year-old David Phung leaps from the boat into the flood waters. After a tense few seconds he managed to pull Hailey from the car.

But Hailey wasn’t alone. Still trapped in the car was her poodle-mix, Sassy.

‘Get my dog!’ cries Hailey, attempting to dive back down to find her.

(Credit: YouTube / WAFB)
(Credit: YouTube / WAFB)

Just when they start to worry that poor Sassy hasn’t made it out of the car, there is a miracle.

’I’ve got the dog!’ says David, triumphantly, lifting the small white dog up above the murky waters.

(Credit: YouTube / WAFB)

At the time the pair didn’t have a chance to talk, but recently they were reunited when David dropped off emergency supplies to Hailey who lost everything in the disaster.

‘I know I don’t know you, but I love you,’ Hailey told David according to The Associated Press.

David had spent two days in the flood waters looking for people who needed rescuing.

‘It’s just who we are in Louisiana,” he shrugs. “We help people in times of need.’

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