Grenfell Tower victims told to stay put for 2 hours after first emergency call

The building's policy of 'staying put' sealed the fate of residents trapped inside the devastating inferno.

The residents inside Grenfell Tower were told to ‘stay put’ for two hours after emergency services were contacted about the fire before being told to evacuate the building.

The apartment building was destroyed in a fatal inferno last month, claiming the lives of at least 80 people and leaving hundreds homeless.

The BBC reports that the initial instruction to the residents of the tower was to stay where they were, in accordance with the buildings safety procedures. 

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London Fire Brigade overruled that decision almost two hours later, when it became clear that the building would be overwhelmed by flames.

Grenfell Towers burns
The devastating fire tore through the building. (Credit: Getty)

The safety policy in the building is claimed to have been based on the assumption that the building would be able to withstand a fire.

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However reports of substandard build qualities have revealed that the building was encased in a flammable cladding, helping the devastating blaze take hold.

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