Grandfather, 71, found to be biological father to his stepson’s two kids

A scandalous decade-long affair comes to light.

A Queensland father-of-three has learned in court that two of his kids were not his – but in fact were fathered by his 71-year-old stepfather who had been sleeping with his wife.

The wife, 42, referred to with the pseudonym Ms Heston, claimed that the children were the result of sexual assault that had left her injured, however she was unable to produce hospital records to support this claim.

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Justice Catherine Carew dismissed the allegations of abuse, saying that the evidence showed their ‘decade-long’ affair was consensual – with the couple meeting at each other’s homes and spending a night in a motel.

Her husband, 44, referred to as Mr Norton, married Ms Heston in 2005 and believed himself to be the father to their three kids, however DNA testing revealed he was only the father to the middle child – despite raising all three as his own.

Ms Heston also made claims of violence and sexual abuse at the hands of Mr Norton, and the couple split in 2014.  However the Justice said the she found the claims ‘difficult to accept… her allegations of repeated rapes’ because she had in the past made rape allegations against her previous partner and father of her older kids.

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Ms Heston, Mr Norton, and the 71-year-old stepfather all made separate bids for full custody of the three kids, which was eventually awarded to Mr Norton.

Justice Carew said it was in the children’s best interests to be removed from their mother, who they will be allowed to call once a week, and visit once a fortnight.

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