My Fitbit caught my cheating man!

His heart rate was spiking!

When Jane Slater’s boyfriend gave her a Fitbit watch for Christmas, to track her fitness, she was thrilled.

They even synced their watches to an app, so they could monitor each other’s activity level and keep each other motivated.

But it was keeping tabs on far more than workouts.

One night, Jane was waiting at her boyfriend’s house with balloons to celebrate his birthday, but by around 4am he still hadn’t returned home.

Fitbit caught cheating man

Worried, she even called the police, as the behaviour was out of character.

Then, at 4am, her missing boyfriend’s heart rate and physical activity levels began to spike on the app.

Spoiler alert: he was not enrolled in [a fitness] class at 4am! she wrote on Twitter.

Fitbit caught cheating man

Jane’s man was in fact cheating on her, and he’d forgotten to slip off his watch before doing the deed!

My girlfriend once said, ‘One day we will laugh about this,’ she added. I have now many times!

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