Young woman, 20, tragically dies during pancake eating contest

The pancake batter had 'stiffened like concrete' in her throat.

A family is suing a university after a young woman died during a pancake eating competition. 

Caitlin Nelson, aged 20, died in March 2017 after she fell to the ground ‘shaking’ in the middle of the pancake eating contest.

The young woman, who was attending Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, US, was rushed to hospital, but tragically died later on, according to the New York Post.

Officers attending the scene found the woman’s mouth was ‘compacted with pancakes’ and the batter had ‘stiffened like concrete’, blocking her airway.

(Credit: Facebook)

An autopsy found Ms Nelson’s death was a result of asphyxia due to a blocked airway.

The family is now suing Sacred Heart University and are hoping to ‘expose the dangers’ of amateur eating contests.

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