Elderly couple kicked off cruise and stranded in South Korea over silly mistake

The couple were left 'embarrassed'
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An elderly couple was kicked off a cruise and left stranded in South Korea over a simple booking error.

American man William Coates, 71, and his wife embarked their 14-day cruise around Korea, China and Japan, looking forward to a relaxing holiday.

But the cruise ship operator Holland America kicked the pair off the cruise only days in, according to consume affairs website Elliot Advocacy.

The couple boarded the ship in Yokohama, Japan and sailed towards South Korea and China. 

On the third day, they were informed they would be forced to disembark and fly home once they reached shore. 

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‘One of the guest relations staff informed us that we would be put off the ship in Pusan, Korea,’ Mr Coates said.

‘Further, she told us that it was our responsibility to get ourselves home. We couldn’t believe it.’

The reason? A simple booking error.

Mr Coates and his wife had forgotten to apply for visas to enter China – and the penalty was immediate deportation.

The couple claim they were never instructed to apply for Chinese visas and pleaded to stay on the cruise ship, but border control did not accept their excuses. 

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Holland America removed them from the ship in Pusan and the couple were left stranded. 

‘They left us, literally on the dock,’ Coates added. ‘It was up to us to find our way to the airport and then pay $2,400 for additional airfare to get home.’

Mr Coates referred to the ordeal as ’embarrassing and difficult’ and claim they have lost $US9000.

Holland America responded to the incident, pointing out the cruise itinerary clearly states a travel visa is required for U.S citizens to enter China.

The company refunded the couple their unused return airfare and reminded customers to carefully read over their travel documents before setting off.

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