Parents make amazing DIY Wheelchair for their cancer-survivor baby

Left paralysed by her tumour, this toddler's parents were determined to keep her happy
YouTube / The Canadian Press

Evelyn Moore was only 4 months old when doctors diagnosed her with stage four neuroblastoma tumour – an aggressive tumour that had grown from her spine.

Her first year was spent receiving 8 rounds of chemotherapy, but despite Eva’s cancer going into remission, the condition had left their poor girl paralysed from the chest down.

Too small for the smallest wheelchairs, Eva’s parents Kim and Brad, were devastated that their little girl would be immobile for most of her early life.

Eva at home in her first wheelchair
Eva is a natural at her wheelchair. (Credit: YouTube / CTV)

That was when they decided to take matters into their own hands. Inspired by a post online, Eva’s creative caregivers took a high-chair seat, a cutting board, and wheels, and created a DIY masterpiece – Eva’s own wheelchair.

At only 13-months-old, this toddler has been zipping around, using her arms to propel her purple buggy around at home, playgroup, and even the shops.

Mum Kim says her daughter absolutely loves it.

‘She went backwards first, then she went forwards, then she figured out how to turn and we now have a speed bump in the middle of our living room because she just goes that fast,’ Mrs Moore told Canada’s The Star.

Eva tears it up in her wheelchair.
(Credit: Jason Franson)

Eva’s dad, Brad, couldn’t be prouder of his little girl. ‘The willpower that she has, and how adaptable she is to her situation, is something I never really expected. And how quickly she’s grasping it has really blown me away,’ he says.

‘Nothing can stop her.’

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