Chemo patient saves her hair with techy cooling cap

She protected her long locks from the aggressive chemo drugs.
Lauren West

A woman being treated for breast cancer has shared how she saved her long blonde locks from the chemo drugs using an ingenious ‘cooling cap’.

Lauren West, 38, underwent 6 months of chemotherapy to treat her breast cancer in early 2014. And while she was lucky to have found it early, but she dreaded losing her hair to the treatments.

‘Some people questioned whether my hair was a priority,’ she told that’s life!

‘But I knew that if I liked how I looked on the outside, it would give me strength for the battle inside.’

Thankfully her oncologist had a suggestion. By wearing a special ‘cooling cap’ on her head during chemotherapy sessions, they could protect the sensitive follicles by limiting blood flow to the scalp.

It meant chilling her head to a frosty -4C every time she went in for chemo.

The cooling cap limited the amount of chemo drugs that reached the delicate follicles. (Credit: Lauren West)

While the treatment caused Lauren’s eyelashes and eyebrows to fall out, she was relieved to see her hair was staying put.

‘It meant so much to look in the mirror and see the same reflection, instead of wearing a wig or a scarf.’

Lauren’s cancer battle is continuing, and she’s undergone chemotherapy for cancer in her liver and lungs.

‘I didn’t hesitate to use the Paxman Scalp Cooling System this time,’ she says.

‘Cancer has put my body through a lot, but it hasn’t taken my confidence.’

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