Shocking rise of ‘allergy bullies’ spiking victims’ food to trigger deadly reactions

Study rasies awareness for this horrifying new bullying tactic.

Researchers reveal horrifying bullying tactics children with allergies are suffering – as they’re forced to eat nuts or drink milk by bullies which intentionally triggers their reaction.

A research paper has revealed that children with allergies are twice as likely to suffer bullying at school – due to being easy targets for teasing an isolation.

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‘Some of the things include things as scary as being forced to eat the food they’re allergic to, or people tricking them into eating food,’ Mr Andrew Fong from The University of New South Wales told 7 News.

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Being splashed with almond milk, having food spiked with peanut butter, or being pressured into eating nuts are all tactics used by these so-called ‘allergy bullies’.

The research paper also suggests that another reason children with allergies may be bullied is that they receive perceived ‘special treatment’ – receiving special meals, getting attention, and carrying medication.

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