This 13-year-old dressed up as a tired mum for Halloween – and she NAILED it!

So relatable!
The Hartsocks' Photography

This 13-year-old girl is going viral for her hilariously relatable Halloween costume. 

US teenager Jillian left her mum in hysterics after dressing up as a ‘tired mum’ for Halloween this year.

Dressed in uggboots, holding wine and a Starbucks coffee, cradling a baby and with smudged eyeliner, the young girl absolutely nailed the costume.

Jillian’s mum Lindsay posted a photograph of the Halloween get-up to Facebook and quickly attracted thousands of reactions.

‘It’s literally EVERYTHING,’ she wrote on the family’s Facebook page. ‘She pulled this off perfectly!’

‘When she came downstairs like this I couldn’t stop laughing! She was in full character and it was so entertaining.’

She also noted that inside Jillian’s bag were diapers, wipes and three bottles of wine.

The incredible pictures went viral, with 43,000 people ‘liking’ it and over 9,000 comments.

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