Aussie teen looks so much like Taylor Swift she is stopped for selfies!

The likeness is uncanny!

Queensland teen, Teegan Jarratt, is the spitting image of superstar singer, Taylor Swift.

The 18-year-old, from Collingwood Park, south-west of Brisbane, was even followed by paparazzi last year when the pop idol headed to the Gold Coast.

‘I couldn’t walk around at all,’ Teegan told South-West News

‘I had the paparazzi all following me on the beach thinking I was her.’

But the requests from starstruck youngsters began before the star’s trip Down Under.

‘The first time it happened I was a bit shocked because even though a lot of people have told me I look like her, I personally don’t see it,’ Teegan said.

Still, the young entrepreneur has decided to capitalise on the likeness.

Last month, she launched Tay Tay Parties, where she will make guest appearances as her celebrity doppelgänger. 

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