Aussie mum: How I paid off my mortgage in just ten years

And you don’t even have to be a millionaire!
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It can be a long and painful haul to pay off a mortgage but one Aussie mum has managed to pay hers in just a decade.

Pre-school teacher and mother, Heidi Farrelly has proved it is indeed possible!

Farrelly, who lives in Sydney with husband, Clinton and their seven-year-old daughter has shared her accomplishment to help other homeowners by penning two books titled, Mortgage Free: How to pay off your mortgage in under 10 years without becoming a drug dealer and Brilliant Budgets and Despicable Debt: How to conquer debt and master your budget without becoming an insomniac.

One of the most notable points from the books reveal that it all comes down to sacrificing some of life’s common luxuries.

Some of her key tips for those struggling with their mortgage include:

  • Make extra mortgage payments, any extra contributions goes a long way in the long run.
  • Cut back on cable subscriptions, including other subscriptions such as Netflix.
  • Take note of where your money is going and come up with a fixed budget to reach your mortgage goals.

Farrelly went into detail on her budget methods, telling the The Daily Mail: ‘Coffee is often at a friend’s instead of at a cafe. We picnic instead of buying lunch out. We camp instead of hotelling’

‘We make do with what we have rather than buying new. Things we do need, we don’t buy full price but wait till they go on sale.’

The Sydney mother even revealed that they once relied solely on a single income and surprisingly now manages to only work two days a week. Her husband’s wage is solely dedicated to paying the mortgage while hers goes towards daily living expenses. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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