Dear that’s life!: How do we stop him driving?

This loving daughter is worried about her 81-year-old dad behind the wheel

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Dear that’s life!

My 81-year-old dad has become noticeably more forgetful in the past year and I’m concerned that he’s still driving. He’s been going to the same GP for
40 years and his doctor declared Dad well enough to drive for another year. Dad doesn’t drive a lot, but enough for the family to believe he could be a danger to himself and to others. But he’s a proud man and won’t give up his licence when he’s legally entitled to keep it. Have other readers faced a similar dilemma?
– Susan*

Report it

Ring the roads department. They’ll keep you anonymous, but will send him a letter asking him to book in for a driving test. If he passes then you can live with the thought that he is okay to drive. If he fails, they’ll cancel his licence.

Alexandria Ward, Nambour, Qld

Tough love

Been there! Driving is not a right, it’s a privilege. It isn’t his right to hurt someone else or himself. Take the keys and drive him yourself. Tough love is hard, and it’s time for you to step up to the plate.

Gary Mcguire, via Facebook

Take a stand

My father didn’t acknowledge his failing driving ability, so I understand. He hated me for a time, but I had no choice. Take his licence and keys or watch him hurt himself, or worse, another person. Sometimes we need to stand up and make positive decisions for everyone’s wellbeing.

Peter Andrews, via Facebook

Talk to the doctor

We had a chat to our dad’s GP and explained our concerns. The GP arranged for a series of cognitive tests, which Dad failed and his licence was revoked. 

Cynthia Thom, Maylands, WA

Go with him

Perhaps someone could go with him when he drives, so he doesn’t feel he’s lost his independence. If he passes the legal test then he’s good to go.

Lizzie Whealan, via Facebook

*Names have been changed

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Issue 25, 2017

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