A woman accused of being a ‘child beater’ reveals her powerful reason behind it

Her trolls had completely the wrong idea.
Samantha Carrier

When this mum posted a video to Facebook of her hand hitting down on her baby’s chest, some commenters reacted with fury but they didn’t understand what was happening.

Samantha Carrier was showing how to care for a baby with cystic fibrosis.


Her girl Daisy was diagnosed with the disease, and the technique she is demonstrating has tp be done twice a day to help clear her baby girls lungs.


While Sam says she has ‘had some very dark days’ and has even received a death threat about her video, the comments of support on her page have been overwhelmingly positive.


All we can do as a family is try to do our best by her and give her the best life we can,’ she says.


Sam wants to thank everyone who has helped support her girl by donating to their fundraising page

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