Wine and beer for cats and dogs?

We bet you didn't even know you needed this!

Our pets are our best mates – with us through thick and thin. Sometimes don’t you just wish you could grab a drink like you would with any of your best buds? Unsurprisingly, alcohol is very bad for cats and dogs which means sharing a refreshing tipple with your tabby or a sip with your spaniel is off the cards.

That is, until now! Two different companies have come up with specially-made drinks just for your furry friend so you can – in fact – grab a drink with your best mate!

‘Want a beer, mate?’

A UK company called Woof and Brew have seized on the opportunity to create a beer specially brewed for your pooch. There’s no alcohol, hops or bubbles, but the bottled bevvy apparently still contains barley malt along with other ingredients like dandelion, flax, and reportedly comes chicken flavoured!

And for cats, US company Apollo Peak have created the ‘all-natural cat wine’ – a non-alcoholic mixture of catnip and beetroot juice. With cute names like Pinot Meow and Moscato, the wine comes out of Colorado and claims to impress even the snobbiest of cats.

We can’t tell if it’s a purrfect invention or if they’re barking mad![streamerType]=auto

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