Outrage after airport security dog shot dead by police for delaying flights

So sad.
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A trainee airport security dog was shot dead by police after it escaped its handler at Auckland International Airport and caused runway delays.

The 10-month-old border collie cross German shorthair pointer, called Grizz, was 6 months away from graduating as an Airport Security Services dog when he became spooked and began sprinting around the runways, reports

Sixteen international and domestic flights were delayed as ground staff tried to use treats, toys, and other dogs to get Grizz back under control.

An Auckland Airport spokesperson said the dog escaped around 4am and when they hadn’t been able to recapture him after three and a half hours they had to make a call.

They did everything they could, but unfortunately it had to be shot. It’s really sad. It’s a working dog and they are very important to us at the airport.’

The public is horrified by the shooting and wonder why a tranquilizer couldn’t have been used instead.

Tony Wright penned an opinion piece for saying it is worrying that they could make such a rash decision under pressure.

‘If staff at Auckland Airport couldn’t control one of their own security dogs without shooting it dead, who knows how they’d handle an actual terror event or life-threatening situation,’ he writes.

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