Man who stabbed dog to death at park avoids jail time

Her devastated owner can't believe it.

A man who stabbed a dog to death at a dog park in Perth has walked free.

Jayde Paul Rowan was in front of the court charged with stabbing four-year-old labrador, Luna, but walked free when Magistrate Heath accepted that he only did it out of fear for his own dog.

Luna’s owner, Bridgette Millen, is devastated at the verdict and says it only makes her more scared.

‘I don’t even want to go to the local shops, because I feel scared of what could possibly happen to me because this man thinks it’s okay to carry a knife and the judge has made him think it’s okay to carry a knife.’

Rowan told the court that he had started to carry a knife after his own dog was attacked by two dogs 10 years go.

So when Bridgette’s two labradors came bounding up to him and his 7-month-old puppy at the park he feared for the dog, and stabbed Luna, before throwing the knife and running off.

Magistrate Steven Heath said the case would be different if there had been torture, or intent to kill the dog, but that there was no evidence of that.

Rowan was given a seven-month suspended jail term, and allowed to walk free from the court, However he was greeted outside by furious protestors with placards who yelled abused and lashed out at the dog killer.

While Bridgette sympathised with Rowan’s tragic reason for carrying a knife, she does not agree that it excuses his behaviour.

‘Obviously that has affected him in some way from his dog being killed,’ she said.

‘How does he think that’s not going to affect me? And how does he think it’s the right thing to stab an animal?’

She may appeal.

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