Family of five and house saved by hero cat when their kitchen caught fire

Owner says he owes her his life.
Fox 13

When an oven mitt sitting on the toaster in their kitchen caught fire, the residents of this house were in serious danger. 

Ron Perkins was sleeping on the couch when Gizmo, the one year old calico cat, started desperately trying to wake him.

‘The cat, Gizmo – the cat had her front paws on the cushion just meowing she would not stop,’ he told Fox 13.

‘When I opened my eyes I realized the house was full of smoke.’

Ron was able to put out the fire out before it claimed the house, but is certain that had Gizmo not woke him up it could have been disaster.

‘I thoroughly believe if she hadn’t woke me up, I’d have been found dead on that sofa this morning,’ he said.

Well done, Gizmo!

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