Dog saves baby girl in house fire

Family dog Polo shields 8-month-old from blaze.
Erika Poremski

An eight-month-old baby girl has survived a house fire after the family’s dog protected her from the flames.

Little Viv Poremski is in a critical condition after being trapped in her house after her mother stepped out to get something out of her car.

Mum Erika says she was trying to kick down doors and smash windows to get to her daughter but couldn’t get in.

When fire crews arrived they found Viv being shielded by Polo.

‘He stayed with her the whole time in the bedroom and wouldn’t even come downstairs to get out the door,’ says Erika, who suffered burns to her face and hands.

While Polo lost his life in the blaze, Viv is in hospital with burns to 19 per cent of her body.

This story first appeared at New Idea.

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