Crafty pet owner shows how he tricks his dog into eating her dry food

Would this work on your pooch?
YouTube / Delaypat

Got a pet who is picky about how they get their dinner? Well this may be the solution!

Luna has always loved eating cooked food so when she gets a bowl a dry food she’s less than impressed.

luna doesn't like eating her dry food
(Credit: YouTube / Delaypat)

You may think she just needs to swap out to wet food, or only eat cooked food, but in a video posted to YouTube her owner shows they have a cheaper and cuter solution!

At the start of the video, Luna stares forlornly at her dry food as her owner explains she always does this.

‘She’ll just keep looking at… we have to cook it!’

Cook dry dog food? It’s not what you think!

Walking into the kitchen with the dog food, her owner puts the dog bowl in the oven and sets the timer.

While the food ‘cooks’ Luna stands expectantly, licking her lips. When the time goes off and the bowl comes out the oven you can tell how excited she is.

‘It’s cooked for you, good girl’ he says as he puts the bowl on the ground where a hungry Luna doesn’t hesitate to chow down.

‘And that’s how you trick your dog that will not eat food!’

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