Cat of Alzheimer’s patient has kilo of DREADLOCKS removed after years of neglect

Vet urges people to check on eldely and their pets.
Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center

Hidey the calico cat was in a sorry state when she turned up at the Animal Recue League Shelter and Wildlife Centre in Pittsburgh.

Covered in long matted tentacles of hair the poor cat couldn’t properly groom herself or move properly.

She was discovered when her elderly owner was moved from her own home to a nursing home for patients with Alzheimers.

In a Facebook post the Centre staff say she must have been ‘neglected for years’.

‘Our medical team shaved off the pounds of intertwined fur from her body and, needless to say, this cat is feeling so much better now!’ they write.

Hidey is now in the care of a relative.

Staff at the centre are urging people to not only check in on the elderly in your community, but also their pets to prevent cases like Hidey’s.

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