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Woman’s boobs explode after getting bargain breast operation

Now she's been left disfigured from the ordeal
Supplied - Samantha Humm

A woman has been left permanently scarred after having a bargain breast augmentation.

Samantha Humm, 30, from Coomera, Qld, always wanted to have her breasts enlarged, but put off the op until after having her children.

When she spotted an advertisement for breast implants for $5990, she jumped at the chance to feel more confident about her body. The operation normally costs around $10,000.

But three weeks after surgery, the mum-of-four woke to find yellow fluid pouring from her chest.

Speaking to her surgeon, he assured her gauze would stop the flow and that it was normal.

But after months of no improvement, Samantha noticed a black wound had appeared on her breast.

‘An hour later, I felt a sticky sensation in my top,’ Samantha told that’s life!

‘Rushing to the bathroom, I clawed off my bra and saw the cup was filled with silicon. My boob had exploded!’

Samantha’s breasts after surgery (Credit: Supplied)

Rushing to emergency, Samantha soon discovered the man who had operated on her was a cosmetic surgeon, not a plastic surgeon, which meant he wasn’t required to have any specialist surgical training.

Samantha has now been left with saggy and scarred breasts and is now saving to have corrective surgery.

The black mark that appeared on Samantha’s breast before her implant ruptured (Credit: Supplied – Samantha Humm)

She wants to warn others about doing their research before surgery.

‘As they old saying goes,you get what you pay for!’ she said.

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