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Woman suffers horrific allergic reaction when she tints her eyebrows

She was nearly blinded!
Caters News Agency

A woman has suffered a horrific allergic reaction and was nearly blinded when she used tint to dye her eyebrows and eyelashes.

Tylah Durie, 16, – a budding beauty therapist from Wycheproof, Victoria – noticed her eyebrows were beginning to sting 30 minutes after applying the tint.

‘Then an intense tingling started creeping around my eyebrows,’ she told that’s life!

‘Within seconds, my face was intensely burning.’

Rushed to hospital, doctors told her she’d reacted to an ingredient called paraphenylenediamine.

Given medication and sent home, she woke the next day and realised she couldn’t open her eyes.

Rushed straight back to hospital, they confirmed that Tylah might lose her sight.

‘Laying on the bed in complete darkness, i couldn’t believe what was happening,’ she said.

(Credit: Caters News Agency)

But thankfully Tylah pulled through and is now sharing her story as a warning to others.

‘I’m still deeply traumatised by what happened,’ she said.

‘If I’d done a patch test, none of this would have happened.’

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