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What’s the buzz about honey?

May is National Honey Month – here are a few reasons to celebrate it

Did you know that humans have been enjoying honey for at least 9000 years? Archaeologists have found beeswax on ancient clay pots in many parts of the world, including Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

One obvious reason we love honey is because it tastes good, but there’s a lot more to this natural sweetener than meets the eye. Because honey comes from nectar, it contains antioxidants and minerals that pure sugar doesn’t have.

Not all honey is the same. It will have different characteristics depending on where it’s sourced, as well as the plants the bees use to collect their nectar.

Here are a few more reasons to raise a toast (or crumpet) to honey!


Your nan was right! Honey has properties that can help to soothe a sore throat, so keep a jar on hand for the next time you start to feel scratchy. Add a spoonful to a cup of lemon water, with a dash of ginger, cinnamon or cloves, if desired.


Processed breakfast cereals are often packed with sugar, so instead, why not whip up a bowl of wholesome plain oats – then add some milk and honey. While the order is totally up to you, we personally think porridge tastes sweeter if you add the honey after pouring on the milk first.


Next time you make yourself a pot of herbal tea, ditch the sugar and add a drizzle of honey instead. Honey has much more flavour and it’s also slightly sweeter than sugar, gram for gram, so you don’t have to add as much.

Kunzea Honey
Kunzea Honey (Credit: Zea)

The Kunzea ambigua plant is prized for its natural soothing properties, but did you know it can also make delicious honey?

Zea Gourmet’s Kunzea Honey is produced by foraging bees that feed on the Kunzea flower in the wilds of Tasmania.

It’s ethically harvested during a short seasonal window once a year, making it one of the rarest varieties of honey in the world.

Now that’s a special treat indeed!

Kunzea Honey, $24.95,

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