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Mum who ate a kilo of Minties every day for YEARS shares what it’s done to her body

And what it took to make her change.

Mum-of-four admits to a $700-a-month addiction to Minties that left her 70 kg overweight and with rotting teeth.

Judith Pallanza, 34, shared her story with Channel 9’s A Current Affair, and admits to eating roughly 165 pieces of the chewy mint lolly every day for years.

She says her addiction started whens he became pregnant with her twins, and from them she went ‘crazy’.

It wasn’t until she saw photos of herself weighing 150 kg  from a trip to Fiji that she realised something had to change.

She’s successfully lost 70 kg since, but says her teeth have suffered the most – decaying to the point of needing multiple root canals.

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