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Man pulls nine-metre living tapeworm out of his own backside

So gross!

A man in Thailand has shared a video online of a nine-metre tape worm that he pulled out of his own backside.

Kritsada Ratprachoom, 44, had just dropped his daughter off at school when he had the urge to go to the toilet. After finishing his business, he then felt something else still there.

‘So I got up to see what it was. Turns out there was something sticking out of my bottom,’ he explained to Khaosod.

Having had his appendix removed the week before, he wondered if it was a complication from that. But when he began pulling he realised it was a tape worm that was still alive and moving.

Kritsada Ratprachoom pulled the tape worm out of his own backside.
The tape worm was nine metres long.
The tape worm was still wriggling outside of his body.

Pulling on the tape worm, Kritsada realised it stretched to over nine metres. When he had finished pulling out the tape worm, he put it on the toilet cistern to take a photo and it was still slithering around.

Taking a video of the worm he posted it to Facebook and it has been shared thousands of times. 

Kritsada still has no idea how the worm grew to be so large but it’s a good job he found it when he did, if left untreated tape worms can grow up to 16 metres long and survive in the intestine for 25 years.

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