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Man says he won $14 million on the lotto – he hadn’t won a cent

He pretended to be a millionaire for months before finally getting BUSTED.

A white lie can’t hurt, can it? Just ask Howard Walmsley, 43, whose fibs caused a lotto trouble!

On the rocks with his wife Kathy, the British painter pretended he’d won a whopping £8.4 million – that’s equivalent to nearly $14 million – in the lottery.

The fantasy began when Walmsley’s business ran into trouble. Feigning wealth, the charmer convinced several banks to allow him to open numerous accounts.

Walmsley also duped two female customers, borrowing cash and developing ‘close’ relationships with them.

But his heart still belonged to Kathy.

One day, the pair waltzed into a Jaguar showroom where Walmsley ‘let slip’ that he’d won the lottery.

The salesman fell for the story and the trickster ‘paid’ for three sports cars with a cheque, which later bounced.

Finally, Walmsley’s trickery came back to bite him when he was arrested and charged with deception and false accounting.

But a three-year jail sentence has only made the Walmsley’s marriage stronger.

‘He did it to keep us all together and I am standing by him,’ a loyal Kathy said.

She clearly has a lotto love for her hubby!

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