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Student sets Guinness World Record for most finger clicks in a minute with astounding video

You can see the pain!
Guiness World Records / YouTube

A man has snapped his way in to the Guinness World records with remarkable finger-clicking display.

The Japanese student, Satoyuki Fujimura, successfully clicked his fingers 296 times in one minute on the Japanese TV show Tantei! Knightscoop.

At the start of the clip you can see Satoyuki hitting a good rhythm, stomping his foot to keep the pace of his clicks up.

The last 15 seconds, however, looks painful with the record-holder’s face scrunched into a grimace as he tries to make it to the end of his 60 seconds.

Sound engineers and a judge then watched the footage back in slow motion to make sure that the only clicks that counted were audible, and made only with the thumb and middle finger.

The previous record of 278 clicks was held by Jens Gudmandsen of Sweden and had stood for 8 years.

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