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Man has GENITALS removed after tattooing 90 per cent of his body

The reason behind it is shocking

A man who had 90 per cent of his body tattooed with black ink has had surgery to remove his genitals.

YouTube and Instagram star Adam Kurlykale, 32, has shared photos of his recovery from his hospital bed after undergoing gender nullification surgery.

The procedure, which involves removing the testicles and penis, leaves people with genderless genitals. He also had his nipples removed at the same time. 

Adam is said to have undergone the extreme surgery due to feeling displeased with his private parts after tattooing 90 per cent of his skin with black ink. Believing his penis ruined the overall look over his black body, he decided to get it removed at a clinic in Mexico.

‘I’ve just had a nullification surgery, had a lot of bleeding but luckily no need for a blood transfusion,’ he wrote on Instagram on Monday.

Adam got his first tattoo at the age of 20, a small design which read ‘I am’. But he decided to ink almost his entire body after he fought cancer and was diagnosed with albinism.

He became famous in 2017 after taking part in the TV show Second Face in Poland where he said he wanted the tattoos to cover the blemishes that were left behind by the cancer.

Disliking his pale, blemished skin, Adam took drastic action and went under the needle, even tattooing his eyeballs.

Adam is being supported in hospital by his close friend Veronica Blades who’s been photographed by his bedside.

Before his op, Adam already cut a striking figure and doesn’t plan to stop his body modifications any time soon. 

‘I always knew that I was different from the rest of society,’ he said before his latest op. ‘My favourite colour has always have been grey, in different tones, and that’s why my current skin colour is graphite.’

Although he looks different, Adam insists he’s just like everyone else saying, ‘I eat, sleep, cry and laugh with everyone else. I’m no better or worse. I’m just myself and myself is enough.’

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