Woman kept chained as ‘sex slave’ in shipping container speaks out about her ordeal


A woman rescued by police after months locked in a shipping container by the man who she says shot her boyfriend dead speaks out about her ordeal.

Kala Brown, 31, was discovered ‘chained like a dog’ inside the container after an anonymous tip led police to the secluded South Carolina property late last year.

Speaking to Dr Phill, Kala says after her boyfriend was murdered in front of her, she was chained by the neck to one corner of the container, and by the ankle to another corner.

Leaving her unable to properly move, Kayla was left in the pitch black darkness.

9 News reports that upon Kohlhepp’s arrest he bragged about having killed 7 people, and that Kala was only kept alive because he hoped she would fall in love with him.

Despite what she has been through, Kala says: ‘No matter what he did to me, he did not break me. He cannot destroy me and I won.’

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