Woman in emergency room after pet SNAKE get stuck in her earlobe

Bizarre photo goes viral on social media.
Ashley Glawe

Woman forced to go to the emergency room after her pet ball python decided to crawl through her stretched ear lobe.

Ashley Glawe, from Portland, was hanging out with her pet snake, Bart – ball python, when he made an attempt to go through her earlobe.

Ball pythons bodies are considerably thicker than their heads so it wasn’t long before Bart was well and truly stuck.

Posting a picture of herself in emergency, Ashley explains how it happened.

‘It all happened SO fast that before I even knew what was going on it was already too late,’ she writes. Adding that is it ‘by far one of [her] craziest life moments!’

Thankfully the hospital staff were able to help remove Bert, and he and Ashley went home.

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