Woman having IVF secretly swaps husband’s sperm for her lover’s

He raised the child as his own for a year!

A woman undergoing IVF secretly swapped her husband’s sperm for her lover’s, giving birth to a baby boy.

Russian woman Yana Anokhina kept her son’s paternity hidden from her partner for a year, according to The Sun.

The 38-year-old only told her husband Maxim Anokhina the shocking truth when the couple split.

Mr Anokhina then successfully sued the Moscow IVF clinic that allowed the swap, after he spent a year raising the child he thought was his own.

A Russian court awarded him $8200 in compensation for ‘moral and financial damages’.

Court reports say the woman swapped the sperm because she wanted the father of the baby to be the man she loved, not her husband.

Mr Anokhina is now in another relationship and Yana is now with the biological father of her son.

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