Woman gives birth to twins with TWO different fathers after cheating on husband

This is crazy!
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A woman has confessed to cheating on her husband after her twins were found to have two different fathers.

The Chinese mother admitted to having an affair when a DNA test confirmed her newborn twins were fathered by two separate men.

Suspicions were raised when the husband noticed one of the twin boys didn’t look like him, Strait Herald in China reports.

When the couple registered the birth of their sons and completed a mandatory DNA test, the father’s worst fears were confirmed.

While the woman initially denied having an affair, she later admitted to have a one-night stand with another man.

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The ‘shocked’ and ‘furious’ husband agreed to raise his biological son but refused to have anything to do with the other child.

Twins born to different fathers is an extremely rare occurrence, named heteropaternal superfecundation.  

The chance of it happening is between one in 400 to 13,000 pairs, according to research.

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