Woman dies from brain tumour after doctors told her it was ‘just a migraine’

They turned her away 14 times!

Stephanie Dickson was only 24 when she was found dead in her bed within hours of being turned away from the emergency room.

Now, four years on, an investigation into her death says she would have had a 98% chance of survival had she been diagnosed properly the first time.

In the nine months leading up to her death Stephanie complained of dizziness, severe headaches, and muscle pain.

Doctors prescribed her pain killers and put the symptoms down to stress.

It was only discovered after her death that a benign tumour had been growing in her brain and with proper treatment she would have survived.

Her best friend Laura says it’s taken years for her to be able to talk about it.

‘We put faith in medical professionals but nobody took Steph seriously when she thought something was wrong. She didn’t need to die,’ she says.

‘Up until the night before she died, she had a 98 per cent chance of survival.’

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