Wife ends marriage after discovering husband’s cruel nickname for her

She took her baby and left him the next week.
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A woman walked out on her marriage after accidentally discovering the secret nickname her husband called her.

The anonymous woman revealed to Mamamia how she stumbled upon the heartbreaking text in her partner’s phone.

One morning, while her hubby was in the shower, the young mum noticed his phone kept pinging.

Worried it was something urgent, she found a group message thread between him and his sporting club mates.

One text written by her husband caught her eye.

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‘Don’t think I can make it tonight. SWMBO will say no,’ he said.

Confused, the woman confronted him and asked what the letters stood for.

‘It means “She Who Must Be Obeyed”,’ he shrugged.

In that instant, the woman knew her five-year marriage was over.

She describe the feeling like being ‘slapped in the face’.

‘After five years of marriage, this is what I’d become to him. The only thing I ever asked of him – some accountability regarding his whereabouts, was apparently too demanding,’ she told Mamamia.

‘I took my baby and I left my husband the next week.’

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