Wedding guest’s plunging blue dress choice is slammed and labelled as ‘cheap’

Do you think it's appropriate?

Wedding guest dressing is always tricky, but one woman has been slammed on the internet for the outfit she plans to wear to her brother’s upcoming nuptials.

The guest’s sister took to Wedding Bee to ask others what they thought of her sister’s dress of choice.

She uploaded snaps of the plunging satin number, which features a train and has a figure-hugging fit.

Along with photos of the slinky frock, she wrote, ‘My sister wants to wear this dress to our brother’s wedding this summer.

‘The weather will be hot. She typically dresses like this in low cut outfits and is thin like the model.’

Wedding guest dress
(Credit: Abyss)

She added that her sister didn’t have a ‘large chest’ so it wouldn’t be a ‘distraction on the big day.’

Unsure of her sister’s choice, she explained, ‘She asked me if I thought it was okay but I’m not sure…What do you think? I personally am not sure about having a train at someone’s wedding?’

But many were quick to criticise the $299 Isabella gown from Australian label Abyss, calling it ‘cheap’ and ‘prom dress-y’.

Wedding Bee comments
(Credit: Wedding Bee)

One person wrote, ‘Nope the fabric looks like a nighty to me.’

While another added, ‘Um, it looks like lingerie and I really don’t think it’s appropriate.’

Not all disagreed with the choice, as someone else simply wrote, ‘This is fire. Do it.’

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