Video of toddler trying wasabi sparks debate online

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A viral video of a little girl trying wasabi for the first time has divided people about whether it’s harmless fun or cruel.

The toddler, known as Rosie, can be seen sitting in her highchair as her mother offers her the spicy Japanese paste.

‘Want to try wasabi?’ she can be heard asking.

‘No,’ the little girl says, before her mum offers her a chopstick with wasabi on the end to smell.

Rosie trying wasabi
Rosie trying wasabi (Credit: YouTube )

She eventually tries the wasabi, before turning to her mum and saying ‘help’ in a faint voice.

While many people thought the video was hilarious and harmless, others were outraged.

‘What the hell is wrong with the parent? The girl said no,’ one YouTube user commented.

‘This is terrible. No child should have to endure this from a parent,’ said another.

But many were quick to defend the mother, saying it was completely harmless for the little girl.

‘This is not child abuse or bad parenting. The child was curious, if she wasn’t, she would have turned her head away. Exposure to foods at a young age is good,’ one woman said.

‘She is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And kudos to Mom for exposing her to different things at a young age. It was just a small amount, not like she shoved a glob in her mouth,’ said another.

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