Woman tricks husband into thinking they won the lottery – only to win it weeks later!

She fooled him three weeks earlier!

A UK couple has hit the jackpot in the most incredible twist of fate.

Charlotte Peart, 28, had pranked her husband Daniel, 27, with a fake scratchie, fooling him into believing they had won $AU450,000 in the lottery.

But her seemingly cruel joke backfired wonderfully.

Only three weeks later, on August 28, Ms Peart learned she had had won a staggering $1.8 million in the EuroMillions lottery.

The mother-of-three called her husband at work to tell him, but he was understandably skeptical.

‘He didn’t believe me,’ Charlotte told The Sun.

‘Actually, he said, “I can’t talk to you right now, love” and ended up putting his brother on the phone.’

It was only when she sent him a screenshot of the winning message did he really take her seriously.

The Peart couple plan to buy a bigger house with their lottery earnings.

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